ABOUT US: Bullets

We make big promises and we deliver on them.

For over 25 years, Weston/Mason has been an innovative force in the advertising community, creating strategic branding and evocative design that seizes your target’s attention, sets your brand apart from the competition, gives your product a lasting impression and persuades your audience to act.

We look forward to making your next project a success by providing the creativity and attention you deserve.

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Thomas G. Weston (CEO)

Tom takes great pleasure in developing effective messaging through intensive research with an extraordinary and diverse team of co-workers.

  • Over 30 years as an experiential marketer with specialized skills in recognizing the potential of a location and identifying the social and cultural psychographics that will define the community
  • An early background in financial services facilitated expansion to large-scale real estate developments, masterplanned communities, resorts and corporate branding for homebuilders
  • Combines common sense and a keen business acumen with astute curiosity about the communication needs and challenges of his clients, who can always rest assured that his recommendations have been well-researched for appropriateness and effectiveness

Beverly Mason (President and Executive Creative Director)

Beverly is passionate about motivating her team members, learning new skills and overcoming client challenges through innovative problem-solving.

  • An award-winning art director and copywriter, her solid foundation in design, typography, production, programming and printing ensures that Weston/Mason’s creative is not only inventive and imaginative, but functional and cost-effective
  • She has a thorough understanding of web development and enjoys working directly with clients to pinpoint their unique marketing goals
  • Intuitive and insightful, Beverly is driven to discern target demographics and identify the hooks that will attract consumers
  • A right-brainer with left-brain tendencies, she is also extremely organized and has a somewhat obsessive attention to details, which comes in handy with scheduling and systems

Regina Marston (Vice President, New Business Development)

Regina loves being a “brand storyteller” who can persuade people to make positive changes in their lives by engaging with her clients.

  • A visionary strategist with 20 years in marketing, advertising, public relations and corporate communications, she has led teams and agencies in performing high-level communications activities for many prominent companies across a variety of industries, including home building, mixed-use master plans, tech, healthcare, electric utilities, energy efficiency, solar, and sustainability
  • Her expertise in market research, strategy, planning, budget development, creative execution and providing high ROI has allowed Regina to successfully oversee integrated campaigns as an owner, director or vice president of marketing
  • She recently directed Energy Upgrade California,™ the state’s comprehensive, integrated energy management and marketing campaign, managing a $52m budget and supervising over 20 professional agencies