When Medically Correct asked us to help with the launch of their latest product line, our mouths started to water.

Building on the nationwide success of their award-winning “Incredibles” brand, the founders of Colorado-based Medically Correct recognized that affordable luxury in the form of filled chocolate wasn’t available to their cannabis clientele. After they made that concept a reality with the launch of six delicious Nové Luxury Chocolate flavors, they decided that the gummy market also needed some upscaling.

“Our new line of luxury gummies explores exotic flavors from all over the world,” said Rick Scarpello, co-founder and CEO of Medically Correct. “The Colorado cannabis market has grown and evolved substantially, and our market-research shows a desire for everyday, affordable luxury cannabis products that can be smoothly incorporated into your life.”

Weston/Mason put Nove Luxury Gummies in the spotlight with a sprinkling of sugar, and made each of the four unique flavor pairings memorable with transportive visuals and tongue-in-cheek headlines.

After the Gummy launch, Nové tasked us with a Holiday Gift Guide that showcased all 10 of their Luxury Edibles.

Making this assignment even sweeter: Everyone on the marketing team at Medically Correct — spearheaded by Elizabeth Bishop (their brilliant Exec VP and our former Universal Home Ent client) — was super talented, inspirational and appreciative. All in all, the experience was more delicious than Nové’s mouth-watering products.