Love it or hate it — every business needs social media! Despite algorithms that limit consumer engagement without ad buys, social media platforms still provide unparalleled opportunities to showcase products and services at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Although fresh content does require time and money, it will ensure that your company presents as a vibrant and viable entity to curious customers, and it can drive traffic to your website without spending big bucks on a digital campaign.

Speaking of generating traffic, don’t forget the other tool in your social arsenal — fresh and informative blog content. Keep consumers inside your hula hoop by posting excerpts on your socials that click-back to “read more” on your site. Think circular container, instead of linear exit…

So the next time you obsessively check your pages for “likes” and sink into a black hole of despair when your counter shows single digits — don’t be dismayed. Just bite the bullet and keep feeding the machine!

Yes, the eye-catching animations we create for our clients do take more time than static images — but we think it’s worth the extra $$. REMINDER: If you post videos on your Instagram gallery, don’t forget to choose a static cover image — or you might be unpleasantly surprised. 🙂

New client Maggie’s Farm recently hired us to kick-start their social media and promote their secondary product line — Pure Blaze.

Our social media for client Kristina Sky promotes her productions and live DJ performances, as well as her “United We Groove” international party brand.

Nové decided to offer some giveaways and enlisted our help in branding the sweepstakes and creating content for the three-month prize window.